6 avocado oil benefits for hair loss

The advantages that accompany utilizing Avocado oil for hair are various fundamentally because of the high substance of vitamins, minerals and cancer prevention agents in the oil. In an offer to reveal insight into what precisely the oil can do, here are five advantages of the oil and how to utilize it on hair for the best hair growth.

1. Recharges the Hair with Vitamins and nutritional elements:
As expressed, avocado oil is brimming with useful  vitamins  to the general development of the hair. The avocado organic product from which the oil inferred gloats an abundance of vitamins some of  them vitamin B and E, that help the cell level while fortifying the hair in the meantime. Vitamin B is vital for hair development while vitamin E revives and stimulates the scalp cells . If not tended to, a harmed scalp may moderate or trade off hair development.

use a conditioner or as a hair mask To get most vitamins from avocado oil .

2. Anticipates Balding
Loss of hair is basically brought about by a vitamins inadequacy or outer stress on the hair and the scalp. Likewise, male pattern baldness happens due to over presenting the hair to extraordinary warmth or chilly. The chemicals you use on your hair may make your case worse. Because of its high convergence of crucial vitamins, you are better of utilizing avocado oil for hair on the off chance that you need to keep a large portion of your hair in place.

Consider utilizing the oil with conditioner or cover to enhance the state of your hair as well as nib male pattern baldness in the bud.

3. Saturates the Hair
At the point when utilized nearby a cream, avocado oil is very helpful for your scalp and hair, hold its dampness content in this manner keeping it from breaking. To get the craved results, blend one teaspoon of avocado oil with a beaten eggs. Include one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply on the hair beginning with the scalp to the hair closes. Give the cover a chance to sit on the hair for around a half hour before flushing it off with warm water. using a medical shampoo to clean is better.

4. Treats and stop Dandruff
On the off chance that you have been searching for approaches to dispose of dandruff, utilizing avocado oil for hair should swing out to your most solid option. Other than treating dandruff, the oil can likewise treat flaws on the scalp connected with skin inflammation and psoriasis. Make sure to rub the oil into the scalp with a simple movement to build the rate of retention.

5. Conditions the Hair
Avocado oil can enhance the state of hair that feels more versatile and delicate. The high fat substance in the oil upgrades the hair's surface making it less inclined to breakage. Subsequent to washing the hair with cleanser, apply the avocado conditioner and permit it to sit for 10 minutes before flushing it off with warm water.

You can make your avocado conditioner by blending pounded avocado with olive oil to make a thick glue.

stimulate hair follicles :

Rubbing avocado oil into your scalp animates course and permits it to enter in profoundly, giving valuable supplements, unclogging blocked follicles and, it is accounted for some individuals, empowering new development.

Avocado oil has been utilized since long time to enhance the hair's condition and improve its development. The excellence of it is that the oil frequently comes at a reasonable cost and has no reactions. In the event that you have not been utilizing avocado oil for hair, you are passing up a major opportunity and it's chance you gave it a shot.

regaine hair growth product That Work

Minoxidil is one of most useful treatments for all types of hair loss, even if it was androgenitic hair loss or not, minoxidi seems very helpful for all these cases ,it is also called regaine and commercialized under this name in north America, it’s very effective for hair growth, and to stop hair loss in a short time.

How minoxidil work:
Minoxidil is a vasodilator, help hair follicles to get a high blood flow, this result a good nutrition for all hair follicles cells, and give a bigger chance to hair to growth better , and stronger.

Can I growth new hair with minoxidil:
Yes all studies about minoxidil efficacy showed that this treatments help majority of users to regrowth a new hair, and keep safe the preexisting hair, in one month you can stop completly the hair loss, in few next months you can grow a new hair but it may take a long time if you have a pattern baldness.

How can I get minoxidil:
You can buy Regaine or minoxidil in your local pharmacy or from internet.

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Buying from amazon is safe , and immediate , the product arrive in 2 week , if you live in north America this take less.

Why minoxidil is recommended for hair loss suffers:
Minoxidil has a great impact on hair follicles nutrition, the result is that this medicine stop hair loss in a very short time, may be one or two weeks of use your hair stop to fall.

After months of hair loss you lose more than 50 percent of your hair , just few hair keep growing, so to keep existing hair , it's recommended to use minoxidil, It's guarantied this medicine can stop your hair fall, never wait to loss all your hair, this offers is still on amazon to date you can check it here.

5 Best Medicines For Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is One most frequent hair problems ,specially for man and most of them loss their hair in age of 40 and hair loss can start at 18 year old, so this why a lot of man and woman search for a solutions, this make hair loss industry very successful and a source of millions for many doctors.

Not all hair loss treatments are , working for everybody , but your case can not be the same like other one , so this why you have to chose the treatment that it’s useful for your case , and more effective on your scalp, for example if you have a hair loss because a nutritional insufficiency , in this situation you need to resolve the problem of nutrition , using nutrition supplements , rich of iron and zinc biotin and B vitamins, it the list below we show you the best and most used treatments and drugs in hair loss industry.

1-Minoxidil (rogaine):

Minoxidil or rogaine is one of most effective solutions to stop hair loss in a short time and to regrow a new hair, it has a very powerful vasodilator properties , this make the blood flow more active and give to hair follicles a bigger chance to growth better and stronger.

2-Finasteride : pattern hair loss It’s a result of accumulation of dihydr-testosterone in the scalp , the testosterone is catalyzed by 5-alpha reductase , this enzyme catalyze the transformation of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, but finasteride has a great ability to inhibit the 5-alpha reductase , and stop the accumulation of DHT (dihydro-testosterone ), also stop hair loss.

3-Dutasteride : dutasteride has the same role as finasteride , when finasteride block 5-alpha reductase type I , dutasteride inhibit both types of 5-alpha reductase I and II, and stoping hair loss resulted of DHT accumulation.

4-nutrition supplements: it’s so interesting to improve treatment results with the use of nutrition supplements ,rich of constitutional elements of hair, like iron zinc and b vitamins ,those elements showed in many studies their efficacy to improve hair growth and activate hair follicles , also make hair stronger.

5- Hair transplantation: hair transplantation can stay as last option if all treatments didn’t work , transplantation based on planting preexisting hair in empty parts of head’s front, the planted hair stay and growth as normal hair, the inconvenient of transplantation the pain and expensive costs.

6-Medical Shampoos : your hair needs to be activated and stimulated , if not it’s will die slowly , so to stimulate your hair follicles you can use Medical Shampoos , that contain stimulators and nutritional elements , also contain dht blockers , those mixed spices are considered the best for  hair growth , and stop hair loss.

Best Secrets To Avoid DHT Hair Loss And Regrow Your Hair In One Book

as a hair loss sufferer it was so shocking for me to see my face looks terrible without my hair, and losing my hair and i don't know what to do, doctors didn't help well , so you think i well give up , no way , i searched for experiences of others and i collected a big data of information about hair loss and what i can do about pattern baldness and how i can get back my hair in a short time, it was a hard work for three years, i tried tens of products and shampoos , after three , i know wish product is the best to regrow a new hair, and I know wish dose it is optimal to give best results.

as I said ,what I know about hair loss treatments was a result of three years of experiences and products test , I had always hope that it's possible to regrow my hair ,you too if you are a hair loss sufferer , you can get back your hair , you need three things , the knowledge about hair loss solutions and the right products , and a good way to use both of them , and with time you can make your hair growth stronger than before .
to have a successful result you have to follow some processes ,that allow you to regrow your hair with best and fastest methods , and with lowest prices ,all this is resumed in one book , that contain an experience of years ,forward you to the shortest ways , and best products, never think that just buying a product it's enough to help , and you don't need any product but the right product for your case , and the right dose and application ,and this exactly what you can find in this book , to stop hair loss permanently , and regrow a new strong hair.
largest hair loss cases are caused by androgenetic alopecia , it's a genetic change of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, this transformation is catalyzed by 5 alpha reductase, so to stop hair loss , we have to stop this.

in this book you can know the origins of pattern hair loss to understand what happens inside your body ,and how dht attack the hair follicles , and what are the optimal solutions for your case, stop losing your hair and give yourself another chance to look better and more attractive , never wait to loss all your hair, take your chance to learn how to get it back, buy it,we guaranty this is fast and safe.

Forget the “too good to be true” hype and the empty promises you have heard from other hair loss treatments AND FIND OUT :  The No-Hype Approach to Stop Hair Loss and Permanently Re-Grow Your Hair



hair loss is one of most frequent problems of hair , millions of men and women around all over world are suffering from, and more than 70% of mans loss their hair in an advanced age , some of them loss it earlier , the first cause of hair loss for most men and women is the genetic change .

to cure hair loss ,it require to know the process that lead to hair loss , so like this we can fight the malady , hair loss occur when testosterone start changing to dihydro-testosterone , this one attack the hair follicles and inhibit the normal growth of hair.

the transformation of testosterone to a dihydro testosterone is catalyzed by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase , this enzyme is the responsible of all cases if hair loss with a genetic origin .

so to stop hair loss first we should stop the transformation of testosterone too dihydro-testosterone, like this we stop the problem from the origin, to do this researchers discovered a type of treatments called DHT BLOCKERS, those drugs are able to stop the -alpha reductase, and stoping the catalyze of testosterone to dihydro testosterone, as a result of DHT BLOCKERS use we can stop hair loss definitely .

the best way to stop hair loss is to stop the function of testosterone , and the best way and the safest way to do this is to use DHT BLOCKERS , in this shampoo -vitamin- all most effective DHT BLOCKESR are mixed in one product, and more then this tow elements , known as the most effective elements in hair loss treatments industry, biotin and argane oil , those are the most powerful spices ever used to stop hair loss and help to growth a new hair, in a very short time with the continued use.

biotin is the protein number one and responsible of the formation of hair , this protein stimulate the operations of the structure formations of hair proteins , and it's very helpful to make the hair stronger and stop his fall.

argane oil a very famous oil used by millions around the world that gave them a very important results , with a great ability to make you hair tree times stronger.

 we can guaranty the good result with this all those effective elements in  one product and just for 33.9 $  59.9 $  you can buy it on amazon , very fast and very Secured.

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rogaine for male pattern baldness, is it helpful?

minoxidil is one of most helpful drug in hair loss medical industry , this product has a magic effect in regrowthing a new hair, and maintaining the existing hair, depanding my experience ,i can say is the number one  but to make treatment with rogaine more helpful, is require to use other solutions and drugs , like shampoos and additional nutriments etc... to make sure of the efficacy of the treatment, but we know that minoxidil help to regrow hair and stop hair loss , but hair can fall for many reasons ,like stress and others, so is it useful for pattern baldness ?

the pattern baldness , scientific name is androgenetic alopecia and it is the genetic type of hair loss, this genetic transformation in hair scalp is caused by the transformation of the testosterone to other molecule , the dihydro-testosterone, this molecule attack the hair follicles , then inhibit the natural growth of hair, to stop this patient should use the dht blockers, those products can inhibit the catalyze of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, but in this case is not proved that minoxidil can help to stop this transformation that lead to hair loss , but some studies showed that minoxidil has an angiogenesis role ,it help to upregulates the expression of the vascular endothelial factor growth messenger RNA in hair cells, and this is so important , so like this minoxidil can work to stop hair loss.

scientifically is not completely clear how rogaine can help and lead to regrow a new hair and stop his loss , but the studies showed that there is many chemical roles and reactions that happen in scalp when the patient use rogaine, and all those catalyzed reactions help to stop hair loss and regrowth a new hair, and all those studies proved that the 5% solution has showed best results ,and its require for the patient to continue use rogaine ,he can loss the results with the discontinue of the treatment.

in my opinion i have used many products , but the efficacy with all those products was not what I'm waiting , and the product that i feel satisfied of ,was the minoxidil, it helped me to maintain the preexisting hair, and growth a few new hair , but at less you have to use it for sex months, and use the medical shampoos and additional nutriments and natural oils to get best results.
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People Are So Touched By This Boy InitiativeHe Grew Out His Hair For Kids With Cancer

Thomas Moore from Maryland decided to grow out his hair , tow years ago whene he was eighteen.

his mom, Angie Pulos,was watching a video on the internet about Kyssi , she was a small girl battling cancer and had lost all her hair,.

After that,the small Thomas decided to do something to help the girl.

cancer tretment can lead to a total baldness in very fast time, this cause for patient a hard psychic damage.

He didn’t set a time limited for how long he would grow his hair ,
 he just wanted it to be long enough to make the girl feel happy.

On Saturday, accompanied by his mom and siblings, Thomas finally got his hair cut.

his aunt tweeted his photos before and after the haircut, which have since gone viral, and got more than 56,000 twitt.

Aafter the Haircut, “he said he felt good about it and hoped it would make other kids and people happy. and we say thanx thomas.

what causes baldness and pattern hair loss what solutions to stop it

Pattern baldness is the hair loss with genetic origin that lead to baldness, these stars in most of cases in age between 27 and 40 but in some cases it can start at age of 18, and so earlier in other cases, but what happen inside the human body, and what are the chemical reactions and transformations that cause hair loss?

Pattern baldness and hair loss , scientifically called andogenetic alopecia , it’s basically related with the testosterone hormone , at the age when genetic hair loss begins ,it’s time when testosterone hormone starts to be catalyzed to dht , dht is another format of testosterone , (dihydro-testosterone), it’s the responsible of the hair follicles damage ,this molecule attack the follicles this lead to thinning hair , with time develop to hair loss.

The transformation of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone is catalyzed by 5-alpha reductase, with his two types I and II it’s the enzyme responsible of the pattern hair loss chaos , so to stop the hair loss its required to stop this catalyzed transformation.

How to inhibit the work of 5-alpha reductase:

dht blockers are the useful treatments in this case, they are a treatments and drugs with ability to inhibit the 5-alpha reductase, there is many natural herbs and plants contains some dht blockers , for example green tea, it contain catechin a molecule with properties that help to block the 5-alpha reductase, also caffeine and saw palmetto ...

Also many chemical treatments and solutions were developed to help to block dht, and associated with usual shampoos and  drugs, Those treatments called dht blockers , and it's better to mex it with other treatments for best results, you can chek this treatment with dht blockers and other vitamins here.

why using rogaine foam is better than spray

hi i hope you are fine i'm robine and me too , i'm suffering of hair loss, because of this i have used so many of products and hair loss solutions and i can say that i have a good experience in hair loss solutions and treatments , in this article i will share with you some good offers in amazon .com of ragaine foem with a very competitive prices.

so as i said those offers are competitive , depending my experience , prices in pharmacies are more precious than prices in amazon , this why i prefer purchasing my products from this webstore, it's the biggest store in the internet , with a millions of bay and sell operations per day, so secured and your personal information are safe.

now we talk about the products, rogaine it's also called minoxidil, it's a revolutionary product for hair loss treatment, it'a very important vasodilator, it can activate blood circulation in the scalp so giving more chance to follicles to growth a new hair and improve the existing hairs.

rogaine it's available in many chemical forms ,famous one is the solution spray of 5% and 2%, also it's available in foam form , i suggest this foam for some persons for many reasons , because it's preferred in some cases than the solution spray for exemple:

case of dandruff:

many rogaine users has suffered of some side effects , specially dandruff, in this case if you use minoxidil spray you should wash your hair frequently, but the best is to changer to foam,using foam probably don't cause dandruff in most of cases.

optimal contact between minoxidil (rogaine) and scalp:

it most happen a contact between scalp and the rogaine solution ,the rogaine can not react on hair follicles if this don't happen, for sprays an important quantity can stuck on the existing hair and it have a less chance to touch the scalp , for foam this can be avoided because of the special manipulation, you should coat the total of your hair with foam, so you have more chance to coat the maximum superficies of the scalp ,and giving your hair follicles more chance to be activated with minoxidil .

using foam as gel:

most of the rogaine foams in markets are designed to be a hair gel, in same time you keep your hair attractive ,and you use a daily treatment.

if you are interested , you one to try the rogaine foam , i advice you to bay it from amazom for less prices, with a 6 months supply you can get back your hair , 6 month is the optimal period of treatment ,to get the best results .

most handsome bald Celebrities

years ago, ‘bald’ was not in. these bald men had a less Chance with women. but today, it’s a completely different case.

Bald men this days is considered sexy and macho , specialists research says that women instantly conclude that bald men are intelligent, and powerful. Let's take a look at the success stories of the top 10 handsome bald celebrities.

Bruce Willis

charming Hollywood rstar Bruce Willis feel very comfortable going bald. Born in German ,  he is an American actor and also a singer ,he has released several albums , his movies have grossed well over three billion dollars, and he is  the sixth highest grossing star in a lead role.

van diesel

His real name is Oscar Sinclair Vincent,Vin Diesel comes from a 'multicultural' heritag . one of most famous actors after a number of successful action movies . In a television interview, he revealed that he changed his name to Vin Diesel when he worked as a bouncer,  he said one should not give out his real name as a proffissional.

Jason Statham

 Jason Statham soldiers on in his career. ‘italian job’ to ‘transporter’ to ‘crank’  all these has made him the English action hero. Besides his acting heroics, few fans know that Jason is also an avid athlete and that he finished 12th in the 1992 diving world championships.

best minoxidil foam products to stop hair loss